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Permit/License Information

You must have a license to ride the trails or you risk a hefty fine and possible court appearance! Permits are issued by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and cannot be purchased at our office. You must get your permit online or at a TN  Wal Mart.  The link below will take you to the TWRA website.

Note: These are hunting licenses so look for the numbers listed below. You will not find anything that says "atv permit." You only need 1 permit per machine so as long as one person in the machine has a permit, you are covered. When purchasing a daily or weekly pass, be sure to click on the date box during checkout to select the date you want your permit to start. If you do not, it will begin the day you purchase.

***New Info:  Beginning March 1, 2022-If you buy an annual permit, it will extend one full year from the purchase date.

In the past, permits expired on February 28th no matter when you purchased.


*All prices are estimates-they may vary by a few dollars.

Resident Licenses

Daily Permit:                    Type 36                                                                      $15.50

Annual Pass:                    Type 1 plus Type 93         $34 + $21                          $55

Junior Annual (13-15):     Type 002                                                                    $10.00

**A Sportsman license will cover your riding permit. 

Nonresident Licenses

Daily Permit:                     Type 38                                                                     $37.50

7 Day Pass:                        Type 72 plus Type 93      $61.50 + $21.00            $82.50

Annual Pass:                     Type 71 plus Type 93       $111.00 + $21.00           $133

Junior Annual (13-15)       Type 070                                                                   $11


-At least one occupant of an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) must possess the proper permit(s).

-TWRA requires that helmets be worn by children under the age of 18 while on the trails.

-Under 13 does not require a permit and can drive their own machines on the trails

-Active TN Resident Military carrying papers do not need a permit

-Attire for Hunting Season: During daylight hours all users outside of enclosed vehicle or outside of camp must wear, on the upper portion of their body and head, a minimum of 500 square inches of daylight fluorescent orange, visible front and back, during the deer-gun and muzzleloader seasons.  (Nov-Jan) Go to for specific dates.

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